Riverview Cemetery District

4700 Hovley Road
Brawley, California 92227
Phone: 760-344-4921

Rules and Regulations


Board of Trustees: Mike Shelton, Pat Dorsey, Robert Prior

Care of Graves and Cemetery Grounds

  • No person shall plant any tree, shrub or flower on the cemetery grounds. Donations for trees are acceptable but trees will be selected and planted under the direction of the Board.
  • No receptacles for flowers shall be installed by District personnel other than the uniform receptacle adopted by the Trustees and sold at the office. The receptacle will be set in concrete only, and two per headstone and one per baby and cremation grave. Two bud vases per niche. Niche vases are limited to a maximum of 6” flowers only.
  • No person shall burn any combustible material within the cemetery grounds.
  • All flowers must be placed in regulation containers. All flowers not in cemetery containers will be removed. All flowers discolored or aged will be removed. Any additional containers or items will be removed and discarded daily or when time permits.
  • No alcohol permitted on cemetery grounds.
  • There will be no video taping of employees at work.
  • No person shall place on any grave: statues, toys, boxes, globes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, glass, tile, bric-a-brac of any description or any unauthorized object.
  • No person shall gather flowers nor disturb growing plants or trespass on any site of which he does not hold the Burial Right. All persons other than Burial Right holders shall confine themselves to the roads, paths and other public places provided for public use within the cemetery grounds.
  • All Benches must be made of granite.
  • There will be one memorial marker allowed per grave.
  • Memorial markers hereafter shall be limited to 16 x 32 for single or double interments in a single grave: 16 x 60 for two single graves that are side by side: and 12 x 24 for cremation and infant grave sites.
  • Memorial markers must be made of industry standard granite or U.S. bronze. All cement pads for memorial markers hereafter shall be set by District personnel.
  • All memorial markers must have proper documentation.
  • In Section 1 and 3, the height of the monuments will be limited to 48”. This will affect all upright monuments lots. All other sections in the cemetery where uprights are allowed, the height of the monument will be limited to 36”.
  • All work done on cemetery grounds by commercial enterprise must receive authorization from the cemetery office.


  • No interment shall be allowed in a lot for which payment has not been received.
  • Burial authorizations must be signed by person ordering burials before graves are opened.
  • The Custodian shall be given 24 hours notice before a funeral takes place.
  • Riverview Cemetery District will not be responsible for funerals set by funeral directors unless the date and the hour have been cleared with the District Office.
  • There shall be no funeral on Sundays or specified holidays.
  • Saturday and late afternoon services are available for an additional fee.
  • Cement vault/liners, or their equivalent are required as the minimum for all graves.
  • All work done in the cemetery shall be done by the Custodian and/or other employees of the Cemetery District.
  • During the period of June 1 through September 30 all funerals will be held prior to 12:00 noon.
  • In compliance with laws of California, no burial will be permitted in the cemetery until a properly signed burial permit is delivered to the Custodian of the cemetery.
  • No disinterment shall be allowed except on the written authority of the lot owner, except by court order. In case of disinterment a receipt for the remains must be given to the Custodian of the cemetery.
  • A minimum container of cloth covered wood casket with handles is required for all interments except cremated remains.
  • No casket will be opened in the cemetery, no exceptions made for any reason.
  • No more than two cremated remains may be placed in a in-ground cremation site or niche.
  • No more than three cremated remains may be placed in an adult grave site.

Fees and Charges

The Board shall establish District fees. A schedule of the current fees shall be available at the cemetery office.

Non-resident fees shall be charged for interment of a person not living or paying taxes in the District at the time of death.

The Board shall establish the amount to be paid by site purchasers for deposit into the endowment care fund. Such amount paid in the endowment care fund is not refundable.

The District, it’s Board, all individual members of said Board, the Manager and all other personnel of the district shall not be responsible for injury or damage suffered by any person, in their use of the cemetery grounds. Any person visiting the cemetery shall do so at their own risk.

All rules will be strictly enforced.

All rules and regulations previously adopted inconsistent with the foregoing are hereby repealed.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of Riverview Cemetery District March 19, 1998

Revised July 2, 1999

Revised December 10, 2001

Revised November 1, 2002

Revised October 19, 2004

Revised November 15, 2005

Revised May 16, 2006

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